HotLine™ Internal Pipe Heater
Internal Pipe Heater
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HotLine™ Internal Pipe Heaters keep your pipes from freezing for just pennies a day!

The HotLine™ Internal Pipe Heater is an economical, easy way to prevent your water and sewer pipes from freezing before it ever happens.

HotLine™ will protect water and sewer lines up to 120 feet in length. Sewer protection can be extended by installing another clean-out and electrical service and running another HotLine to extend the range.

Installation is simple and can be accomplished by plumbers or anyone who is reasonably handy and comfortable working with plumbing and electricity.

In fact, in most installations there is no digging, because you don't have to dig up your pipe to install the HotLine™.

And, in most cases, you won't have to wrap tape or insulation around anything because the HotLine™ is a heat trace system installed inside the pipe through a sewer clean-out or water nipple.

HotLine™ Internal Pipe Heaters work on North American electrical services and can be converted to work with European electrical services as well.

Broken Water Pipe
Broken Water Pipe

Frozen pipes can cost you thousands!

Frozen water pipes and sewer lines can cost home owners and businesses anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars to dig up and repair.

When pipes freeze in your home, waterlines can pull apart as water freezes inside the pipe. That creates around 2,000 pounds of pressure in the pipe! The pipe will either burst or the solder joints will pull apart.

Some people even have to change out the water heater, the toilet, the faucets — everything that was connected to the frozen pipes.

What is the HotLine™ Internal Pipe Heater?

The HotLine™ Internal Pipe Heater is a cost-effective, safe, low voltage, in-water pipe and in-sewer line freeze protection device for home, ranch, farm and commercial applications.

What HotLine™ ISN'T ...

  • is not heat tape
  • is not insulation
  • is not heat-line
  • is not external heat cable
  • is not a device that unfreezes pipes that are already frozen

If temperatures drop below 32° Fahrenheit in your area for more than 24 hours at a time, just install HotLine™, plug it in, and leave it plugged in until freezing temperatures are over for the year.

For most HotLine™ lengths, your water and sewer pipes will be protected from freezing for just pennies per day. [Click or Tap for Average Operating Cost Breakdown].

HotLine™'s "set-it-and-forget-it" design will warm your incoming and outgoing water lines as well as outgoing sewer lines from inside the pipes to keep them from freezing for the entire season.

HotLine™ is custom-made to order to ensure the entire length of your water or sewer line is protected from freezing.

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