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Why Use Heat Trace Pipe-Freeze Protection? Because Frozen Pipes Can Cause Thousands of Dollars Worth of Damage

Image of house damage from frozen, burst pipe.
Burst water pipe repairs cost homeowners an average of $5,092 after deductible in the US.

Frozen water and sewer pipes can cost home owners and businesses anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars to dig up and repair.

When water pipes freeze in your home, the ice expands as it turns from a liquid into a solid inside the pipe. As the ice continues to freeze it can build up over 2,000 pounds of pressure in the pipe! That much pressure causes the pipe to either burst or the solder joints to pull apart.

Sewer lines are just as susceptible to breakages from freezing waste water. While rigid PVC sewer pipes have some ability to expand, PVC can become brittle at freezing temperatures and burst under pressure. Flexible PEX is better at expanding but the joints can separate as pressure builds up in the system.

How can you protect your property from a devastating frozen water or sewer line break?

Image of HotLine Internal Pipe Heater
HotLine Internal Pipe Heater
CE (Conformité Européenne) Mark Approved

With HotLine Internal Pipe Heaters, you get one of the safest, most economical, and reliable internal heat trace pipe-freeze protection systems available.

HotLine's “set it and forget it” design ensures your water and sewer lines will be protected from freezing all season long.

HotLine Internal Pipe Heaters are made from food-safe, FDA and EU approved Hytrel™ by Dupont. And HotLine is the only low-voltage heating cable system currently on the market.

HotLine provides reliable inside the pipe freeze protection for new or existing water supply lines, sewer pipes, septic lines, septic tanks, and many industrial applications.

In most cases installation is easy! There's usually no need to excavate, no need to damage walls or floors, and no need to dig up driveways and lawns.

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