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HotLine Internal Pipe Heater
CE (Conformité Européenne) Mark Approved

The first HotLine™ Internal Pipe Heater was invented by Melvin C. Young of Springfield, Illinois in 1959.

Mr. Young received UL approval for the HotLine™ Internal Pipe Heater that same year. HotLine's UL number is 440U.

The HotLine™ Internal Pipe Heater was mentioned in the August 1974 issue of Popular Science Magazine (Shop Talk, page 114).

After Mr. Young passed away in 1979, production of the HotLine™ Internal Pipe Heater stopped.

In 1999, Blair Corder bought the HotLine™ Internal Pipe Heater company.

After extensive research and development, many design improvements, and a judicious infusion of modern technology, HotLine™ Internal Pipe Heaters have become a state-of-the-art, safe, and dependable low-voltage pipe-freeze protection device perfect for almost any application that requires liquid in a pipe to flow smoothly ... no matter how cold it is outside!

Since 1999, HotLine has protected thousands of properties, businesses, industries and families from the disastrous and expensive consequences caused by frozen pipes.

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