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It's essential to make sure livestock and animal waterers are working in cold weather.

HotLine is a low-voltage, animal-safe heating cable system that protects livestock waterers and drinking bowls from freezing.

HotLine animal waterer heaters provide internal protection of the water supply line that extends below the ice or frost line and external protection for plumbing pipes and valves inside the water bowl.

Installation is simple. Because HotLine is installed inside the water supply line, there's usually no need to dig up existing water systems. Installation on the outside of a water pipe can be done with aluminized sticky tape. HotLine will not burn insulation so wrapping a pipe with a HotLine installed inside or out is no problem.

How Can I Use HotLine to Prevent Animal Waterer's From Freezing?

HotLine can be installed as an internal and external pipe heater to protect animal and livestock automatic water supply bowls and stock tanks. Some applications include ...

  • New and existing waterer systems
  • Zoo animal watering systems
  • Automatic water systems
  • Livestock drinking bowls
  • Cattle fountains
  • Water troughs
  • Livestock fountains
  • Water bowls
  • And many others ...

Easy Installation and Safe, Food-Grade, Low-Voltage Freeze Protection

  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Does not melt or burn through water pipes, even if they're dry.
  • Can be installed in and on all metallic and non-metallic pipes.
  • Provides economical, low-voltage, reliable freeze protection when properly measured and installed.
  • Fast and easy installation on most pipes without digging, excavation or demolition.
  • Can be fully insulated for maximum energy efficiency.
  • HotLine runs off 120V electrical service. No special electrical supply is required.
  • CE and US approved.
  • Proudly manufactured in the mountains of Colorado, USA.
  • Safe for potability for human and animal drinking water.

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