image of floor drain with cleanout
Floor Drain with 45° Clean-out Plug. This will work!

Under certain circumstances it is possible to install a HotLine into a floor drain with a 45° clean-out plug.

The image to the left illustrates the type of floor drain with clean-out plug that will accept a HotLine.

One consideration the installer needs to determine before installation is how much traffic comes close to the floor drain and whether it's possible to protect the transformer - which will be above the floor drain cover - from damage.

Light traffic, relatively far from the floor drain, may not be a problem. But if traffic comes close to or actually passes over the drain, a hard enclosure may be needed to protect the HotLine transformer from damage.

image of floor drain cleanout with 90 degree bend
This 90° bend in the clean-out won't work!

(The image to the right is an example of a floor drain with plug clean-out that will not work as HotLine can not make 90° bends.)

Another consideration is the temperature inside the p-trap. Does it freeze as well or does it receive enough warmth to stay above 32°F?

Usually in a basement or utility room, the temperature should stay above freezing in the p-trap as many times they also house high-efficiency boilers, furnaces, and water heaters that send a semi-constant drip of warmer water into the floor drains' p-trap.

If the pipe is exposed to freezing temperatures in a crawl space, you could box in the p-trap under the floor, add insulation around and under the trap, and cover the box to keep out animals.

If your installation is underground and the p-trap is freezing, you may have no choice but to break the concrete or floor, make necessary insulation repairs, install your HotLine through the clean-out to keep the longest run from freezing, and repair the excavation.

Every situation is different. But for most applications, a floor drain with 45° clean-out plug and a HotLine should solve your problem nicely!

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