HotLine video shows you how to install a HotLine Internal Sewer Pipe Heater with lengths over 30 feet.

Video Transcript: How to Install a HotLine Internal Sewer Pipe Heater Over 30 Feet in Length

Hello, my name is Blair Corder, owner of HotLine Internal Pipe Heater Company. Please use these easy instructions to measure and install your HotLine.

[Gary Watson, Certified HotLine Installer]:

Now I will demonstrate how to install the longer HotLines - some 30 feet up to 100 feet long.

We use a metal or steel band fish tape to help us get the longer HotLine's installed into the sewer line.

What we will do is attach the end of the HotLine to the end of the steel fish tape so that the steel fish tape "pulls" the HotLine in instead of pushing it in.

You will need a standard wire nail (8d or larger will do).

Bend the nail in the middle so it is offset. You need one half of the nail to lay against the tape and the other half to form a hook to slip a string over.

You may want to file the nail head down so it lays flat against the tape.

Tape the nail to the fish tape with electrical tape.

Make sure you use enough tape so the nail will not move so when you pull the tape back the string comes off easily.

Run a strong nylon string through the hole in the end of the HotLine (about 6″ should be enough).

Tie the string off with a strong knot and move the knot back to the hole in the HotLine to prevent the knot from catching on the nail. (the string will stay in the sewer permanently but nothing will catch on it).

Hook the nylon string over the nail and pull the HotLine back along the steel fish tape.

With longer HotLines you will want a helper to keep the fish tape and the HotLine straight, make them feed together, and ensure there are no kinks.

Use the natural bend in the tape to get through the bend in the clean-out.

Hold back a little on the HotLine to keep it from coming unhooked. If it becomes unhooked, you will have to pull everything out and start over.

Feed the tape and the HotLine together making sure the HotLine doesn't get ahead of the steel tape.

If you feel the tape and the HotLine hit a bend or small snag, just try to get them past by feeling for a clear path.

When you get to the stop, just pull the tape back, making sure the HotLine does not move with it. If it does, push it back in and pull the tape again to disengage the string. Then pull the tape out.

Complete your HotLine installation.

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