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HotLine Internal Sewer Pipe Heaters Prevent Frozen Sewer Pipes With Safe, Reliable Pipe-Freeze Protection

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Image of HotLine Internal Sewer Pipe Heater Installed
HotLine Internal Sewer Pipe Heater
CE (Conformité Européenne) Mark Approved

Why do sewer lines freeze?

The problem with frozen sewer lines is, you usually don't know you have a problem until it's too late.

Even if your water supply pipe isn't frozen your drain line can still freeze. You won't notice the problem until your toilet, sink, or tub stops draining or starts backing up.

Image of HotLine Internal Pipe Heater
Frozen sewer pipes can rupture, leaving your family or business out in the cold.

While leaving a slow drip into your drain may prevent some sewer pipes from freezing, this can cause improperly installed sewer lines to form ice build-up, leading to frozen and burst pipes and even backup into the building.

Typical sewer pipe-freeze problems include:

  • Building drain pipe is exposed to freezing temperatures outdoors;
  • Sewer drain is routed through an un-heated crawl space or basement, or an attic or attic knee-wall that is unheated indoors;
  • Plumbing fixture drain trap runs into an un-heated crawl space or basement or is in the path of a cold draft even if the crawl space or basement is heated;
  • Toilet is running or a faucet dribbles continuously into the drain system;
  • Water softener or other water treatment equipment is left on and running improperly sending a continuous stream of water into the drain system.

How do HotLine™ Internal Sewer Pipe Heaters work?

HotLine Internal Sewer Pipe Heaters work by protecting your pipe from freezing before a freeze ever occurs.

If you have a sewer line freeze problem, just install a HotLine Internal Sewer Pipe Heater before cold weather sets in.

If you're already frozen, have your line jetted or cleared and immediately install a HotLine the entire length of the pipe. Your HotLine will warm the sewer line from inside the sewer pipe and keep it from freezing all winter long.

And, because HotLine delivers the heat to the inside of the sewer line, most installations do not require digging or excavating (like common heat tape products).

OK, so what exactly is a HotLine™ Internal Sewer Pipe Heater?

HotLine's heating element consists of a modern alloy, insulated resistance wire, encased in a copper or plastic tube for protection.

The HotLine heating element operates on 6 to 32 Volts of AC power, according to the length of the heating element. (Go here for power consumption breakdown )

HotLine is very economical to run. In fact, many people don't even notice a difference in their electric bill! Go here for HotLine's average cost breakdown

Image of low-voltage model railroad trains
The average model train runs on 12V of power.

There is no electrical shock danger, unlike other 120 volt heating devices. In fact, HotLine's voltages are similar to those used by most common model railroad trains. Click or Tap here for HotLine voltage by length

The HotLine power center box contains an indicator light and a fuse-protected, step-down transformer.

The transformer operates on a 120 Volt, 15 Amp circuit, and provides low voltage (6 to 32 Volts) output to the HotLine heating element.

Requirements for successful installation and operation of your HotLine Internal Sewer Pipe Heater are:

  • Accurate measurement of the entire line to be protected before ordering your HotLine Internal Sewer Pipe Heater. Go here for complete HotLine Measurement Instructions
  • NOTE: HotLine's are custom-made to order. You CAN NOT return an incorrectly measured HotLine after it's been inserted into a sewer;
  • Sewer line should be clear and open from the sewer main and into the warmth of the building;
  • HotLine requires a minimum 12″ pipe and works in all standard diameter sewer pipes;
  • The pipe should have long sweeping bends with a minimum radius of 4″ diameter bends to facilitate the entrance of the HotLine element inside the pipe.

HotLine Internal Sewer Pipe Heaters install directly into your sewer line up to 120 feet. And - unlike external heat tape - there's No digging ... No wrapping ... and No problem!

If you're handy you can install HotLine yourself or call your plumber or local handyman.

If you or your installer have any questions, we're here to help!

Just call (877) 881-2980 between 9AM and 4PM Mountain Time, USA or send us your installation question here


We realize some installations may require some customization. HotLine's engineers will be happy to discuss customizing HotLine's components to meet your individual application, requirements, or circumstances.

If the modification is possible, we will issue you a new quote reflecting the modifications you request.

Please call us Toll-Free at (877) 881-2980 to discuss your requirements with an engineer.

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