HotLine video shows you how to measure your sewer line for a typical residential or commercial inside-the-pipe sewer pipe heater.

The type of material used for the existing sanitary sewer line and how it is installed may require different types of fittings and techniques.

Tee's, Y's and saddles may need to be installed in the existing sanitary sewer pipe before the length of the HotLine can be determined.

Requirements to determine the length of the Hotline heating element:

To measure for the required length of HotLine heating element, it will be necessary that the proper tools be used to determine the clear inside length of the sanitary sewer pipe to be protected.

HotLine heating elements are engineered for the specific length ordered and can not be modified or cut after manufacturing.

The most accurate way is to use a flat sewer fish tape, which can be purchased at most hardware or home construction supply stores.

If Items #(B), #(C), and #(D) as noted below and on the drawing are not installed, they need to be installed by the owner or installer to help determine the correct length required.

Pre-installation Items You Need

  1. Sanitary Sewer Line from building to main.
  2. 4″ or 3″ Sanitary Tee or Wye. If this does not exist, it must be installed before you measure.
  3. 4″ or 3″×2″ or 1½″ or 1¼″ Bushing (FTG×P)
  4. 3″ or 2″ or 1½″ or 1¼″×½″ Flush Adapter (FTG×F)
  5. ½″ Threaded Plug to be installed temporarily after measurements are taken to seal the sewer pipe until the HotLine is received and ready to be installed.

Tools Required

  • 6′ - 100′ (plus) flat sewer fish tape
  • 6′ - 100′ (plus) tape measure
  • Assorted standard plumber's tools, cleaning brushes, pipe dope, and other tools necessary to install Tees, Wyes and or other fittings to properly measure the length required.

Measuring Procedure (See component diagram below )

  1. Insert the sewer tape through the bushing #(D and E) until it hits the septic tank or main.
  2. Pull back the sewer tape 2 inches and mark at the face-edge of the flush adapter fitting.
  3. Then pull back the sewer tape approximately 2 feet and reinsert to verify the first measurement was correct.
  4. Remove the tape and lay out straight on a flat surface.
  5. Measure the sewer tape with a continuous tape measure to determine the correct length required.
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Component Diagram

HotLine Sewer Component Diagram

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