Just wanted to say thanks!

What an easy install with basic tools, excellent packaging, excellent communication, quick shipping and fantastic instructions with good sized diagrams and pictures. And in color!

The hardest part of my install was getting the lid off and back on the septic tank.

I feel much more comfortable with winter coming that we won't have the freezing problems we had last winter.

I would certainly recommend this product and the company!

Island Lake Cabin
Gresham, WI

HotLine Water Pipe Heater worked down to -55°F!

I bought a HotLine from you maybe 2 years ago. We just went through that Polar Vortex here in Wisconsin (2019). -25 to -30 below zero temperatures with wind chills down to -55!

Your product worked great! I've referred you and your product to a few friends as well, and I plan on buying a few more of these from you in the future.

Do not stop selling this product - it's awesome! No frozen water lines!!

Horse Stable Owner

So trouble-free, we've bought 11 HotLine Sewer Pipe Heaters!

We had poor drainage in our home and shop sewer lines. They were constantly freezing up in the winter!

We installed a HotLine Internal Sewer Line Heater in one of the lines three years ago. It worked so well, we've installed 10 more (for a total of 11!) to protect all our home and shop sewer lines!

Candee Angus Farms
Fairview, Montana

Works as Advertised!

We have had one in a 30-foot-long, above ground waterline (due to ledge) for four winters in Maine without a freeze up.

Before this product we used external heat tape and lots of insulation, and still had freeze ups every year. WORKS AS ADVERTISED!

VP. Black Bros. Builders Inc

We highly recommend that all houses where cold extremes exist to install a HotLine ...

Our mountain cabin was built in 1977. Shortly after the construction was completed, a HotLine was installed in the main waterline running from the house to the well.

This HotLine had been in operation for 26 years and has been totally maintenance free.

Due to the low voltage, electricity usage is minimal.

The only time we had a waterline freeze-up occurred when the electricity was accidentally turned off to the HotLine.

After restoring power to the HotLine, the waterline thawed out and was again in operational condition in less than one hour.

Fort Collins, CO

Thank you!

I received my HotLine on Monday. Shipping was fast and shipping to Canada was duty free.

I am very pleased with how easy the installation was. Took me less than 2 hours.

Thank you!

Rock Pine Resort Cottages

We highly recommend this unique product ...

My sister and I own two cabins near Rocky Mountain National Park where winter temperatures can hold below freezing for weeks at a time.

Built in the 50's, they were originally considered “seasonal”, but we wanted to use them year round.

The cabins are adjacent to each other and share one water pump (in a separate well house).

To reach her cabin, the main feeder line traverses about 28″ across an uninsulated area under my cabin.

We had persistent freezing problems that heat tape alone could not solve.

About 8 years ago we installed the HotLine in the main feeder to both cabins.

This solved the problem.

The HotLine gave an extra boost that has proven effective and reliable.

We highly recommend this unique product, especially for older water systems without extensive insulation that were not originally built to withstand harsh winters.

Grand Lake, CO

It's a great product!

While living in a rental house the sewer line that went under the driveway froze up every winter.

We installed the HotLine in the sewer pipe and had no more problems.

It's a great product!

Grand Lake, CO

A Highly Satisfied Owner!

In 1980 we purchased a HotLine and to this time (winter 2003) have never experienced any frozen incoming water lines.

HotLine is entirely simple to operate. Your climate determines the timing.

A flip of a switch or plugging into an outlet in late autumn and off in later spring does it!

Grand Lake, CO

We Keep It Plugged In ...

In 1982 we purchased a HotLine as a preventive measure so our supply line from the well would not freeze.

Due to the low voltage of HotLine and how little electricity it uses, we keep the HotLine™ plugged in year-round.

I would highly recommend a HotLine for anybody living in a cold climate.

Grand Lake, CO

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